«The big LGTBIQ Pride party»


«Love who you love, Madrid loves you», with this slogan, Madrid welcomes WorldPride Madrid 2017, the fifth edition of WorldPride held on the occasion of International LGBT Pride Day between 23rd June to 2nd July 2017.


This year, it was bigger than ever as the city was chosen to host the international celebration of WorldPride. The Comunidad de Madrid and  Madrid  City Council commissioned Light Project to produce this huge event. Several hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world gathered in the Spanish capital for what was one of the biggest events in the country.


In addition to assembling the audiovisual materials for the various WorldPride 2017 events, an environmental sustainability strategy was also created. Light Project included a waste management plan whereby numerous ecological islands, green points and reinforced bins were installed around all the areas where concerts and performances took place. Chemical toilets were also installed throughout the centre and reusable cups were introduced in areas of special environmental interest.


In addition, noise and light pollution was reduced with the audiovisual equipment provided. The generators used were of the 3rd RANGE, which incorporate the most advanced environmental quality standards in terms of electricity consumption, soundproofing and gas and particle emissions.


All the stage areas had spaces reserved for accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Mobility was facilitated by extending public transport timetables during the days of the event.


Finally, we had a team of environmental volunteers in charge of raising public awareness and supporting waste management. For this, we also have an advertising campaign aimed at those attending the event.





Agency: Aegal – Madrid City Council

Award: SILVER Event Plus- Best Responsible Event

Production: Light Project





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