MADO 2018



MADO 2018



Light Project was once again in charge of the main stages in the celebration, one in the emblematic Puerta del Sol and the other in the Plaza de España, where the performances and activities of MADO 2018 took place.


Millions of visitors from all over the world flocked to the Spanish capital for what was one of the biggest events in the country.  Light Project included a waste management plan, installing numerous ecological islands, green points and reinforced bins around all the areas where concerts and performances took place. Chemical toilets were also installed throughout the centre.


Puerta del Sol:

A stage was set up for musical performances. The PA system consisted of 24 Das Audio AERO40, 12 Das Audio UX-218A and 6 Das Audio AX-AERO40. The lighting chosen for this stage consisted of 1 Robert Juliat Aramis, 12 Vari* Lite VL4000 Spot, 12 Vari* Lite VLX Wash, 8 Martin Atomic 3000 and 8 8 litre Blinder. In addition, a 7 x 4 metre LED screen was provided.


Plaza de España:

Assembly of a stage for concerts. The PA system consisted of 24 Das Audio Aero40 and 12 Das Audio UX-218A. 6 Audio Convert12 Das were used for frontfill. For the FOH control, 1 Digico SD8 was supplied. In the lighting section, there were 12 Vari * Lite VL3500 Spot, 12 Vari * Lite VLX Wash and 6 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobo, amongst others. All lighting was controlled by a Chamsys Magicq MQ80. Finally, a 7 x 4 metre LED screen was installed.




Production: Light Project




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