La Gata Communication contracted Light Project for the study, design and execution of IBERIA stand at FITUR.


We used the WYSIWYG lighting tool for this purpose. It took more than 15 days of design work as it was necessary to recreate the stand in 3D, and a scale simulation of the stand to see the behaviour of the lighting fixtures on the projection surface.


Fluge supplied the equipement.


The creation of an ECO stand entailed many difficulties.  First, that it was entirely made of paper. Secondly, the equipment used, 80% of which was LED technology with low energy consumption and impact. In order to get the GREEN certification, we took into consideration as well the calculation of cosumption for the displacement of material and the staff from the facilities in Arganda del Rey to Ifema.


For the total coverage of the stand, a 30 x 19 metre truss grid suspended by 18 EUROTRUSS XD44 motors, «STAR COLOR 360W/720W» and «MARTIN QUANTUM» luminaires to evenly cover the entire surface of the stand, «MARTIN RUSH» for specific area lighting, and «CLAY PAKY SCENIUS PROFILE» to highlight important areas of the stand. A 5.5 x 3 metre, 2.97 pitch LED screen has also been installed




Agency: La Gata Communication

Production: Light Project



Category: Congresses & Corporate Events

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